We are now accepting submissions for teaching proposals. The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym loves offering new and unique workshops!

Email owner Darla Jackson with any questions at philadelphiasculpturegym@gmail.com

Studios + Storage + Residencies

We offer studio spaces and storage options. All rentals require membership.

Lockers and Pallet storage spaces are available for members who need a place to put things, big or small. We offer half lockers ($5/month) and full lockers ($10/month). Pallet storage is approximately 48″ x 40″ ($30/month).

We often have pallet storage and lockers available. Please email us if you’re interested.

Studios are made for members who are looking for a more dedicated workspace within the shops and come in 50 or 150 sq. ft. Our 50 sq. ft studios ($100/month) are semi private, in that they are inside the old freezer, which is a lockable space. Our 150 sq. ft studios ($250/month) are private, walled in spaces. Each has a dedicated electrical outlet. Our 50 sq ft studios are currently full. We have currently have only three 150 sq. ft studios available. Please email us to get on a waiting list or inquire about rentals.

All storage and studios require first and last months fee upon sign up.



We are now accepting applications from artists who wish to be featured at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym as our Guest Artist in Residence! The Guest Artist-in-Residence Program is offered for short-term residencies, at the end of which PSG Gallery hosts a solo exhibition of work by the artist made at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. The program is integrated with the Studio’s educational programs, with the guest artist providing slide lectures, teaching demonstrations and classes during their time at PSG. Resident artists have access to a wood shop, metal shop, jewelry studio and a mold making and casting areain addition to personal studio space. We are looking for dedicated artists that are truly invested in their craft as makers; individuals enthused to pursue their creativity and develop work within the walls of PSG! As sculptors, we understand that owning every piece of equipment one needs to create is almost impossible as an emerging artist, let alone as an established maker. PSG wishes to act as a vehicle to allow emerging and established artists without the means or space to create and exhibit their work in a solo exhibition!


Our PSG Artist Residency includes:

-       Personal space (approximately 140 sq. ft.)

-       Use of all shops and equipment (safety training included with membership)

-       Teaching and/or demonstration opportunities

-       A solo exhibition at the end of the residency including an artist talk during the month of exhibition


Residencies range from 1 month to 4 months, depending on the artist’s time needs to prepare for their solo exhibition.


To apply, please provide the following information (PDF preferred):

  • Personal contact information
  • Résumé
  • Artist Statement
  • A personal statement (tell us everything you want us to know about yourself including your reasons for applying for our guest artist residency)
  • 10 digital images
  • A corresponding image list that includes the following: image number, title, medium, size, and date.
  • Preferred duration as a PSG resident artist (1-4 months) and preferred start date

Once your application is approved by PSG, we will contact you to discuss the start date of your residency and exhibition detail.

Residency applications are accepted year round. A panel of PSG jurors goes through the applications 3-4 times per year. Contact: psggallery@gmail.com to apply

Proposal submissions are accepted year round.

The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Gallery hosts exhibitions ranging from nationally and internationally recognized artists, emerging artists and group exhibitions. Our Gallery is approximately 520 square feet. If you are able to, we suggest you visit the gallery so you have a better understanding of the space.


  • Narrative should include a suggested title of your exhibition. This title may be amended up to the time it is required for printing the invitation or other promotional material. Include your name, identify yourself as featured artist, specify solo or group exhibition, and, if the latter, include the names of the artist(s).
  • Describe the concept or theme of the proposed show.
  • Describe your current work, as well as your proposed work, noting any significant new direction your work will take. If you are proposing a group exhibition, describe others artwork as well.
  • Provide information about how the work connects to the mission and goals of the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. Primarily it must be oriented in sculpture!
  • Identify any special equipment or other requirements you may need that may become an impediment to presenting this proposed exhibition.
  • Include details of any supplementary public programs or presentations. We encourage participants to also propose additional artist talks, panel discussions, or workshops geared toward engaging the general public. 
  • Indicate whether the accompanying images are the work you are proposing to display at PSG Gallery for your exhibition, or are representative images only.

Please be as descriptive as you can, we look forward to reviewing your proposal!

Philadelphia Sculpture Gym