Proposal submissions are accepted year round.

The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Gallery hosts exhibitions ranging from nationally and internationally recognized artists, emerging artists and group exhibitions. Our Gallery is approximately 520 square feet. If you are able to, we suggest you visit the gallery so you have a better understanding of the space.


  • Narrative should include a suggested title of your exhibition. This title may be amended up to the time it is required for printing the invitation or other promotional material. Include your name, identify yourself as featured artist, specify solo or group exhibition, and, if the latter, include the names of the artist(s).
  • Describe the concept or theme of the proposed show.
  • Describe your current work, as well as your proposed work, noting any significant new direction your work will take. If you are proposing a group exhibition, describe others artwork as well.
  • Provide information about how the work connects to the mission and goals of the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. Primarily it must be oriented in sculpture!
  • Identify any special equipment or other requirements you may need that may become an impediment to presenting this proposed exhibition.
  • Include details of any supplementary public programs or presentations. We encourage participants to also propose additional artist talks, panel discussions, or workshops geared toward engaging the general public. 
  • Indicate whether the accompanying images are the work you are proposing to display at PSG Gallery for your exhibition, or are representative images only.

Please be as descriptive as you can, we look forward to reviewing your proposal!

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